Does your party need a political campaign or political party website? Check out the newly created site for Narragansett Republican Town Committee. This site features event calendar, sliding video, media streams, news updates for issues, and more.

The website runs on a WordPress platform giving the committee the ease and flexibility to regularly edit and update content. Visitors to the site are encouraged to donate to the campaign, volunteer with the campaign, and connect with Narragansett Republican Town Committee on various social networking platforms.


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Zaarly – what is this? So, every now and then we come across a new idea and we have to give kudos. It definitely has it’s strong points.

Zaarly aims to bring local buyers and sellers of both goods and services together easily, taking the hassle out of errands and odd jobs. Where once you might have cruised Craigslist or called around to friends to find a man with a van or an Ikea assembly genius, now you pop your request and what you’re willing to pay onto Zaarly and local folks bid for the job and fulfill your request without stress. It’s like a modern mobile craigslist.

The Pros & Cons

For selling things, it’s a great way to get a product out there – well, banking there is someone looking for that item. It’s got an auction style format so this could be both good and bad. The pros are visibility; the cons are lack of “credibility”. For instance, there isn’t any kind of “verified” badge for top end users that could really benefit someone that has a successful track record fulfilling requests. There also is no way to sort requests for services from goods – someone could potentially waste a lot of time digging around the right jobs or products.

Another drawback right now is its “newness”. It’s going to stay this way until more people realize what it’s for.

Craigslist is rather old and boring and there is no way to socially interact on craigslist. Zaarly definitely fills in these holes. It’s fun, lively and we will most likely be seeing over-the-top items and services.

Visit us on the web at www.hfcawebsitedesign.com

Okay, so we figured we’d post a “class” this morning on search engine ranking. This is after seeing multiple posts saying “I want you to build a website that will rank on googles first pagegoogle yahoo bing search engines within three months. I’m not sure this is a reasonable request for a few reasons: are you talking about short terms keywords or longtails keywords? Lets talk about these for a moment.

  • Short term example would be “shoes” – this term gets over 1,000,000 hits per month. Not only is ranking on the first page like breaking into Fort Knox, its also a very pricey term for Google ad words.
  • Longtail search term would be “ladies red casual shoes” – this term gets about 1,000 hits per month. This longtail search term tells you so much about the person and what they’re looking for. The odds are that its a woman looking for a casual red shoes. Now, there won’t be as many searches on these longtail search terms but they are targeted and much easier to rank because generally, fewer people are competing for them.

Everyone thinks if they use “shoes” as the keyword, this will give them all of the customers. Think about it like this: your website only sells women’s shoes. If you choose to use a search term as broad as “shoes”, you could get men searching for basketball shoes and even worse, you could be paying for this on Google ad words. Sure you’re getting traffic but is this the kind of traffic you’re really looking for?

The best advice is not to try and code your site for particular keywords – set up a post to talk about ladies red casual shoes and link it to your product. Blogs are much more informative and they have a better chance of ranking because Google sees the information as more informative – thus it will generally rank higher. Blogs are more content driven than online stores. Continue Reading »

Hello everyone! To celebrate the launch of our new website design site, we are offering a free website or blog giveaway (up to $1250 dollar value). This could be a new website or a website redesign.

To enter, please email a picture of the old site or send me a sketch picture of the new site idea and tell us why you would like a new website. Within 24 hours, we will post the picture and story on our facebook page and give you the details. Encourage all of your friends and family to vote on your story by hitting like on your entry. The person with the most votes (in the form of comments) will win the new site or redesign — announcing of the winner will be November 15th so make sure everyone you know votes for you!


  • one vote per person
  • the person voting must like the page in order for the vote to count
  • design is up to a 5 page site or blog
  • must be completed by December 31, 2011
  • hosting is not included

Email us if you have any questions email us!

What is Etsy.com?

Basically it’s an online marketplace where people can buy hand made and unique products from folks that create and make this stuff. So if you’re the creative type that is always making stuff then this is the place you want to be to find folks that are willing to pay for your talent. Continue Reading »

We had a wonderful experience working with Warner Brothers last summer producing three design ads to appear in the movie Contagion that was just released September 9th. Here is the poster they selected for a scene in the movie.

highfly clothing movie poster contagion warner brothers 2011